Beauty in Rebuilding

Sometimes we get exiled from our “homes”… from our comfort zones, from the known, from our own lives, our own selves… This is a very difficult thing that is painful, even traumatic. 
Thankfully, oftentimes we are eventually freed from this exile and have the opportunity to return “home” (or whatever is closest to that). 

This does not mean everything is rosy right away. 

There is brokenness and destruction from the past that needs healing and rebuilding and restoration to work through in the present and future. 

This takes effort. It also takes time. Oftentimes quite a bit of time. That can be frustrating. Don’t be discouraged, though. It is always worth it. Always. Never give up on that process. It may be the most important thing you ever do. 

It is a major blessing to have someone or someones to come alongside you in this process. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t be too proud or too afraid to accept their gift. This is part of the process. Trust those you have good reason to trust. Growth always requires some risk. You probably know who is a good risk and who isn’t. Trust your instincts and then trust others. They may let you down, yes; but you gain something valuable just by choosing to trust them, to let them in on your rebuilding process. Most likely, they will only help you to trust more; they will come through for you, and that can be powerful healing in and of itself. 



It’s worth it. 

You have so much to gain. 

Rebuilding is very rewarding. 

You can do this. I believe in you. 

Please believe in yourself. You are worth it. 

And if you have been here, if you’re enjoying a rebuilt life… be that person to come alongside others and help them rebuild. Be present for them; listen. Be a ray of hope and encouragement. Help where you can, carefully and humbly. This will serve both of you well, better than you can imagine. 


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