Not all hangovers
are physical

some follow
late night
restless night
sobbing sequences
that seep
through the thin veil
of sleeping and waking
into the dreamland
leaving a trail

scattered, shattered sentiment

dozens of distorted discards
dashed dreams

reluctant to rise
combatting confusion
hesitant to hope
but endeavoring to endure

~ copyright Kelly Elaine ~


Lost & Found

You’ve been searching for what you need but haven’t found.
I’ve already found what I need.
And that makes all the difference.
~ copyright Kelly Elaine ~


This is war
Why did I think it wouldn’t be?
But why must it be?

It is a lonely war

And war is exhausting
and it hurts
and it sucks

And I didn’t even ask for this war
but I fight anyway
It would be easier to give up,
but I’m not one to give up
I’m a fighter
but not in this way
this is new territory
I’m not used to battling here
I don’t really know what I’m doing
Just trying to survive I guess
trying to push through

…trying to keep alive
the tiny seed of hope
trying to stand firm
fight in faith

Be strong and courageous,
for nothing will be impossible…

~ copyright Kelly Elaine ~


for hand in hand
being sure again

for words found
and life returned

for truth revealed
and re-claimed in victory

for the open doorway
and the ease of passage there

for unraveled cord
re-bound, stronger than before

~ copyright Kelly Elaine ~

To a Friend

You’ve never really lived
until you’ve wronged someone.

You know not what you do.
The blind perceive differently.
Those who are awake and alert
see differently than those who aren’t.

It’s okay.
I see.
And so I know and understand
what you do not.
And so I forgive
and go to battle for us both.
Stand behind me,
stay with me.
And whatever you do,
give up.
Trust me.

~ copyright Kelly Elaine ~


He comes to a fork in the road. Goes left. Discovers the dead end. Turns around to return to the fork, but the path is no longer clear and he can’t find his way. He’s trying, trying so hard to go right. He’s not giving up, but he often considers it. He knows he will eventually find the right path if he keeps going (he will); but in everyone else’s eyes and minds, he is just a poor, lost soul.

~ copyright Kelly Elaine ~